Clubhouse – 10/03/2011

Spring is in the air! Montrealers greeted the surprisingly warm weather with bright colours and lighter jackets. Here’s a petite selection from Clubhouse’s opening-night-for-Saturdays party. That’s right, now you can hang there on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Risky Business

Ahhhh collegues. Co-workers. Project partners. Bed buddies?

Many companies have realized that a strong internal culture fosters greater workplace satisfaction. Also, it only makes sense to hire like-minded individuals that believe in the company they represent. These people necessarily have things in common – that’s why they were chosen above all others – and it doesn’t take much for them to build friendly relationships. Companies encourage cameraderie in hopes of creating an easy work environment. So what’s the easiest way to get people to bond? The 5à7. Mmmmhmmm. Read on…

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Drinking to an Early Spring, at The Hyatt

It happens every year – when the sun comes out, so do the beautiful people. Last Thursday, the Hyatt hosted a wonderful 5à7 on its sunlit terrasse. With free-pourred wine, bite-sized cocktail nibbles, spring wardrobes and a great DJ, we certainly greeted the warm weather in style.

PS: Damn you, overexposure. Learning to use my new camera ASAP…

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Welcome to a review about my favorite wine bar in Mile End. A place where you can get a non-buttery Chardonnay, because the waiters know their stuff. A place where you can try many different dishes, because the portions are tapas-sized. A place with a vibrant atmosphere that doesn’t prevent you from having a relaxed conversation with your buddies. And finally, a place that provides a sure escape from the shot-popping 19-year olds that can’t handle their liquor. (Does anyone else feel like they’re invading our classy personal space at various used-to-be-awesome-pre-encroachment nightlife spots?)

I was with two friends, and it seems that we were all in the mood for the same food.  We each ordered a plate of the mixed vegetables ($8) and as usual, they were slightly charred but still crunchy – exactly what grilled veggies should be. Read on…

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Kate Moss at the Ritz in Paris

A completely satisfying photoshoot.


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La Cabane

I reserved my spot at La Cabane – Montreal’s in-city cabane à sucre gone haute – as soon as I heard that the chefs from Pastaga – Martin Juneau, Frédéric Boucher, and Isabelle Leroux – were behind this year’s edition. Maple syrup + Canadian comfort food + Pastaga’s chefs, all in the Old Port? Mmhmmm!

I must say, the team did a great job of setting up Pavillon Jacques Cartier. The usually unimpressive space was transformed into an urban sugar shack with forest back-drops, great long tables, beautiful folkloric lamps and of course, a wooden moose head. Read on…

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A Lil' Western Jean on Jean, or, How To Salvage Mediocre Pictures By Making Them Look Artsy

Slightly tv-grained, or maybe,  Lichstenstien-esque on a smaller scale. Not the clearest outfit post, but ‘ya gotta admit – it’s pretty kewl.

End of experiment.

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